University of Debrecen (Hungary)

University of Debrecen is a rapidly developing knowledge center of Region Észak-Alföld, Hungary. The University’s mission is to become a research university with entrepreneurship, to support innovation based on market needs and to play a key role in the economic growth of the region. UD is one of the five Hungarian universities that have been awarded the prestigious ’research university’ title. Within the framework of the programme five disciplines, namely molecular science, including pharmacy; physical, computational and material sciences; molecular medicine; health and environmental science; and language technology and bioethics have been selected as priority areas of basic research. Altogether 12 academic research groups, 21 doctoral schools and 7 innovative research teams are working in the aforementioned areas at UD. The socio- economic benefits are also enormous: strong basic research is likely to enhance the presence of pharmaceutical, chemical, health industry and biotechnology in the region.

Municipality of Debrecen and the University of Debrecen established an innovative pharmaceutical cluster, with several small and middle sized enterprises. Our aim with Health4Growth project is to find out how to maintain and develop the result we already have; this kind of cooperation and clustering; and also to identify new ways of development and innovation.
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