CISE (Italy)

CISE – Centro per l’Innovazione e lo Sviluppo Economico (Innovation and Economic Development Centre) is the agency of the Chamber of Commerce of Forlì-Cesena, Emilia Romagna region, Italy.
More than 40.000 enterprises are located in the province of Forlì-Cesena, the majority being SMEs. Agriculture and fishing account for 20%, manufacturing and building construction for 27%, trade for 22%, hotels and restaurant for 4%, transport for 7%, services and other activities for 20%.
CISE was founded by the Chamber of Commerce of Forlì-Cesena in 1996 to promote local economic development, focusing on innovation as a main driver.
Present areas of activity are sustainable development and green economy technologies, corporate social responsibility and responsible innovation, open-source IT technologies, support to innovative ideas.
CISE operates through awareness-raising actions, pilot actions and one-to-one technical support to local entrepreneurs to help them being more competitive and develop their innovative ideas.
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