Municipality of Debrecen (Hungary)

The name DEBRECEN can be read for the first time in an ecclesiastical document in 1235. Becoming a city brought great opportunities for the residents dealing mainly with industry and agriculture. Trading beef, crafts and the central market resulted in significant wealth. This time it was a protestant city. Our Reformed College, founded in 1538, is one of the oldest, continuously educating institutes of Hungary.

Partner Description

Municipality of Debrecen and the University of Debrecen established an innovative pharmaceutical cluster, with several small and middle sized enterprises. The aim of Debrecen with Health4Growth project is to find out how to maintain and develop the result we already have; this kind of cooperation and clustering; and also to identify new ways of development and innovation.

Our aim is to explore new models to improve the cooperation infrastructure between all players of the health sector, and find solutions for regulatory problems hindering commercialization of new technologies.

Partners’ knowledge and best practices are very important to share. Debrecen is ready to identify new ways of innovations through learning from project partners.