Maribor Development Agency (Slovenia)

Maribor Development Agency (MDA) was established by the Municipality of Maribor in 1993 in order to foster the business and economic activities of the region.

MDA coordinates the Local Employment Pact of Maribor and takes the lead role in regional development coordination. In the framework of economic cooperation it creates an international marketing strategy for Podravje region and its SMEs. Being actively involved in several cross-border, interregional and transnational projects, MDA has the experience in implementing international projects, involving stakeholders and will be responsible for creating methodology and State of play within CP3 of the project.

Partner Description

Ageing population, safeguarding a healthy workforce, and an emerging demand for quality and highly professional health services have boosted the significance of the health sector. The health sector absorbs large amounts of labour, commodities and research and thus creates incomes, which in turn flow back into the economic cycle of locations, regions and the overall economy. It is, however, not optimized to positively contribute to regional development agendas.

SMEs are the main origins of innovation in the health sector, and are catalysts of growth and competitiveness. As such their needs must be considered when drawing up successful EU and regional policies for health and industry. This is the competence of regional/local public authorities providing health services and developing the sector in their regions.
Aware of this responsibility Maribor Development Agency joined the project partnership in order to improve the effectiveness of regional development policies regarding the operational environment of local/regional economic players within the health sector and promote their cooperation in order to exploit the growth and innovation potential of the sector.

Within the project MDA wishes to create a good policy environment for the development of the segments of the health sector and gain further international insight into good practices and integrated strategies in this field.

Project ACTIONS and their OUTPUTS (State of Play Reports,  Collection of Good Practices,  Thematic Workshops, Master Class,  Comprehensive Implementation Plans, policy recommendations) will directly contribute to the achievement of these objectives. The project will increase the pace of innovation in regional policy in all involved regions, create better and more standardized solutions which can be implemented in other European locations.
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