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Welcome to Health4Growth

The Healt4Growth consortium is a partnership of 11 European partners. These partners joined forces and set the overall objective to improve the effectiveness of regional development policies regarding the operational environment of local and regional economic players within the health sector. The partnership also promotes cooperation in order to exploit the growth and innovation potential of the health sector.


Most of all, we stress that this is a Health Sector good-practice sharing project where partners will identify successful cases (partnerships, networking initiatives, financing schemes, etc.) that have catalysed (or still catalyse) economic growth through the stimulation of the Health.
Vidzeme Planning Region would like to learn from good practice on how to make regional policy making more efficient, benefit from European research results considering the health sector, bring European best practices of health sector development into the region and.
The aim of the project is to utilize the existing facilities, assets of the city, as well as to acquire best practices from European templates, in order to develop, maintain and improve sustainable health industry which results in economic growth.